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just so everyone can get this straight

You know what i noticed last night?

i love my best friends for different reasons...

i love it when andrea softly sings... "whooo wheres short shorts...." while field hockey balls are hit 90mph at her luckily protected legs... and the only thing in between that ball and her legs is me.

I love the way becky ran circles around Missy Forbes... haha and didnt even break a sweat.

i love field hockey, even though my ankle is so swollen i can barely walk on it today. but i play anyways, because its my favorite sport.

i love it when andrea apologizes for being bad at field hockey and kicking the ball and brianna says, its okay, at least you apologized, and andrea giggles and does the same thing 5 minutes later =)

I love the conversations i hear behind me about what colors really do make up amandas skin tone (white yellow green?) i think that was what it was...

and i love buffy nights with amanda, and going over to eat ben and jerrys and vent and discuss my love for pickles.

i love it when becky tells me i can borrow a shirt, and i go, i just need a grubby one, and she goes yah in my closet, so i go upstairs and hum to myself while i struggle to chose, so i go with yellow, becky doesnt wear it alot.. and i think to myself, no matter what i chose its gonna be the wrong one, and its gonna be something she loves... so i walk downstairs, sit down, and she comes in, and goes "I love that shirt!" and i just smile because i KNEW i was gonna fuck that up. lol

And on another note. dont talk to your mom who talks to my mom about you and me. i dont appreciate it, and i dont appreciate hearing that we could still hang out if i wasnt friends with people you dont get along with. my friends might not act perfect and they eat pizza every day of the week, they dont obsess about their weight, just complain and except it, and they certainly dont say they want to "beat people up" over stupid things like boys. they might not be any of the things that you want in friends, but they got alot of what i desire. they're not interested in this bullshit, so why are you? can this drama ever end.

things have changed since last year. 1. I'm not sacrificing my friends for anyones content. 2. I'm on the way to being a better person and i like this road, i've learned alot, but being a bitch to people for pleasure is one thing im not going to do anymore, unless you have herpes or talk shit about me for no reason. 3. I like my life right now. i like who i hang out with and i miss some people, some more than others, but i like who i am without all that shit in my life.


i understand now. at least im myself around these people, if you dont like it/me, then im sorry but im not changing for anyone. i have alot to make up for, but 1 person exspecially that i owe an apology to, and she'll get it before the end of this summer, just not right now, i have alot to think about.

and another thing. i dont care who does and doesnt want to hear about my relationships. i really dont, you can put your two cents in but it doesnt mean im going to change anything at all. im tired of people making comments and complaining about russell and i, i love him, im happy, just be happy that im happy, thats all i ask.

happy stoners

nicole is always ready for the camera, i, am not... haha

family fun!

bret is ready for anything guys!


its time to fight with chris

lets get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE

and its over, tie goes to justyn for being so happy...

the kings cup table

posing for the camera

again with the humping becky...

BJ for life!



nicole and heather

best friends


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awww...  chris...


Kelsi and Ryan

Joel and Leah... :)


last but not least we end with the Kenneys... in their most ideal moments.


who thinks he's a model or something....

and STACEY! or kinda stacey...

her granny panties! hehe

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