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I thought I should tell you all...(Well Im bored-OKAY?)

Ted Bundy is a terrible man.
6 Cats... Not as fun as I seem to think it would be.
Chad is a mad man with unbelieveable rage.
Crystal Rose...Well..Enough Said there. H-O-T-T Hott.
Bug Juice isnt as cool now as it was then.
I miss Billie. </3 I <3'd The 90's, until I watched the shows 5 times each. Judy will be here.Watch out BECKY! We know what she wants. I miss Andrea's drunkeness. Im officially Retarded. But Chad already told me that. Step Arobics isnt fun at 3 in the morning. I wish I had a Lisp like this chunky woman on t.v. I hate Stacey's Icon. It reminds me of my uncle Paul. Im fucking stupid.
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